SCORM activity completions settings bug turn off the lights.

SCORM activity completions settings bug

When creating a SCORM activity, you would typically set the activity completion settings to mark the activity as completed when the user gets a SCORM status of Completed or Passed. See the image below:


If you edit an existing SCORM activity (even just to change the name, for example) after you've saved the change, the activity completion settings will be changed so that both Completed and Passed are ticked.

This should not cause an issue because this setting means that it will mark the activity as completed if the user gets a Completed status or gets a Passed status. The only time we believe this would cause an issue is if you have programmed your SCORM module to send back a Completed status when the user gets to a certain point in the module, but then it also sends a Passed status, for example, when the user completes an assessment test. In this example, if you have previously just set the activity completion setting to Passed, then the user would not complete the activity until they passed the assessment and got a Passed status. However, when the Completion status is also ticked, it would mean that the user would get the activity completion at this point (because both Completed and Passed statuses are ticked). However, as we previously mentioned, this should not cause you an issue because it's very unlikely that any of your SCORM modules would be set up in this way as it would be bad practice to send a SCORM Completed status and then a Passed status in the same module normally you just send one of these statuses – which is what Dynamic do in our course content that we create.

Even though this should not cause any issues, Dynamic has raised this as a bug on the Moodle bug tracking system (as it's a core Moodle bug unrelated to Dynamic's plugin extensions). If a Moodle community developer is not assigned, then Dynamic will address the bug and submit new code to Moodle HQ for inclusion. We can then apply the same bug fix to your LMS platform with full knowledge that this has been accepted as a fix by Moodle HQ.

If you have any queries regarding this update, our helpdesk team are always happy to help. Contact us through our helpdesk channels.

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