Face-to-face activity and course completions turn off the lights.

Face-to-face activity and course completions

After receiving a few queries through our helpdesk regarding face-to-face completions and how they work within the system, we thought it may be useful to explain the completion system of the LMS. If you manage your classroom training through the face-to-face activity then please make sure you read this useful guide:

Standard Moodle LMS features

Course completion
This is the top layer; this just looks for its criteria to be completed. Once its criteria definitions are satisfied it records the date. This is what's shown on the first tab of the user training record report (course completions table). Not taking into account accreditations (we will come onto this later) if an activity is completed again it will not update the date as the criteria definitions have already been satisfied. So, any course completion date will be the first time all criteria have been completed.

Activity completion
These can make up a course completion and when they are used to make up course completions they are referred to as criteria. These are not shown on the user training record but once an activity says “I’m Complete” it records the date. It's worth noting that it has no knowledge of the activity below it, so face-to-face for example, might have the session as ending three days ago but the activity completion date would be recorded as the time it's triggered. Once it has done that it then triggers course completion to check if it's fully satisfied. This also won't re-update if a module says “I’m Complete” again as it's already acknowledging the module as completed.

Module status
This varies from activity to activity and is usually a status rather than a date. In the case of face-to-face it's usually waiting for a status of fully attended. When a state change is made for a user (i.e. taking attendance in face-to-face) the state is recorded and activity completion is notified to check if the status is a Completed one (i.e. the user was marked as fully attended). This can return multiple Completed statuses but the second time it's sent the higher ups (activity completion) won't be updated as they have already been satisfied. Similarly, if a status is changed from Completed (i.e. fully attended for face-to-face) to Not Completed (i.e. face-to-face: No show), it will not update activity completion as activity completion is already satisfied and has recorded its date.

dynamicLMS features and reports

User training record – course completion
This shows the top level (Course completion) date.

User training record – face-to-face sessions
This shows all module statuses for the face to face sessions and the dates used here are not activity or course completion, they are simply the session start and end date. To clarify it will show booked sessions, fully attended sessions, not attended, etc. and you can have more than one status in here for a course or face-to-face activity but for course completion the earliest date is the one to use. Also, this report will not exclude any module statuses that have been marked as archived by the accreditation functionality so they would appear in this report alongside every booking.

These work off the course completions (top level) so will take whichever date is used there. It then uses this date to work out its calculations of re-accreditation windows, expired, etc. When the time comes for a user to re-complete the course, it deletes the current course completion and activity completion (a copy of face-to-face attendance values before deletion is kept so a user can see a history in their learning history block). For activity status resets, some activity types handle this differently (full details of this are in the administrator guide, page 119), but in the case of the most common activities used in courses here is what happens at accreditation reset for users:

  • SCORM – records deleted.
  • Quiz – records deleted.
  • Face-to-face – attendance records archived for user access before current record is deleted.
  • Feedback evaluation forms – retained.
  • Certificate – certificates archived for user access before current record is deleted.

The reset essentially creates a blank slate (course completion is empty; activity completion is normally empty (apart from activities that are retained) and module status is empty) so users are essentially viewing the course for the first time. There are no reports to see the history (i.e. the previous completion date), the accreditation reports will just show you the current accreditation status (accredited, not accredited, expired, etc.). However, the user does see their history of previous course completions and previous accreditations from their dashboard. As an administrator, if you ever wanted to see this information for a specific user, then you can see it by using the function to log in as that user and then view their dashboard. Please note that in the system audit trail it does show that you are logged in as that user.

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