Leeds Community Healthcare - The Student Induction: Part 1 turn off the lights.

Leeds Community Healthcare - The Student Induction: Part 1

The brief

We were recently commissioned by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust to work on a project for delivering a scenario-based induction elearning programme, tailored specifically to students in their first, second and third years.

The students are required to complete the programme within the first few days of their placement.

Our challenge is to provide an engaging, relevant and above all high-quality learning experience for our target audience

The project manager at Leeds Community Healthcare (LCH) wanted the programme to include scenario-based content that reflected real life situations, which would help the students to understand what a community trust does and the variety of services that are delivered.

The programme needs to take about 60 minutes to complete, while covering such topics as safeguarding (children and adults), infection prevention, equality and diversity, dementia awareness and End of Life Care.


The design team came up with several ideas for how the programme would look. Our client was keen to ensure that we reflected the diversity of the city of Leeds and its surroundings, so we came up with a solution by reworking one of our earlier design concepts to create a Leeds skyline theme. This theme included iconic landmarks, which would direct the learner to different sections of the programme.

After a group of people in the office helped to come up with ideas, our designers put together a list of the most familiar landmarks that people had voted for. The major design landmarks that we decided on include:

The Parkinson Building

A centre of learning and a place that we felt would resonate with students, in addition to being an instantly recognisable building which can be seen from many vantage points both inside and outside of the city.

Kirkstall Abbey

As LCH has numerous locations in and around Leeds, we wanted to include at least one landmark outside of the city centre – we’ve also added rolling hills and green countryside as a pleasant backdrop to the overall design.

Other iconic landmarks

The other popular icons identified were the Black Prince and the Billy Bremner statue at Elland Road (there are some diehard Leeds United fans at Dynamic).

Finally, many members of the team were, for some reason, very interested in including the Tetley Brewery HQ as a landmark. Presumably for the architecture!

A further consideration in the initial design phase was to create buildings or icons that complemented each other in terms of aesthetics and layout, in order to fit within the size of the template.


Responsive LMS theme for mobile, tablet and desktop


As part of the project, we were asked to produce a showreel in order to advertise the forthcoming programme, so that it could be showcased at a local conference. The aim of the showreel was to give colleagues at LCH a taster of what to expect from the programme. As we had not developed or scripted any content at this stage, we were somewhat limited in what we could showcase. So, with the help of some very co-operative LCH colleagues, we were able to film, at very short notice, their views on student placements and the benefits of developing a student induction package.

Our team was able to film, assemble, design and produce a great showreel within a matter of days!

At the time of writing, this project is currently well underway. We’ll be back with another update as we progress.

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