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Louisa Page - Placement Year Blog #1

My name is Louisa and I am currently taking a year out of my studies to work at Dynamic as a Creative Developer. I study New Media at the University of Leeds and have always had a passion for creative arts and media. The course has allowed me to build on my interests as well as my skills, and therefore gave me the confidence to apply for the placement role at Dynamic.

When I started my studies at university, my main goal was to gain an industry placement, doing something I loved. However, when it came to apply for placements, I struggled to find a company that offered a position with more than one role. The majority were seeking skills in just one particular area, whereas my interest in creative media was very extensive and I did not want to focus on just one skill. Then, I came in to contact with Dynamic.

I was introduced to a few members of the team through a lecture about e-learning, which captured my interest from the beginning – they were exactly what I was looking for! This led to me applying for the placement position as a Creative Developer and I was delighted to receive an offer after attending two interviews (I was particularly happy because it was the only placement I applied for!).

Now I have started at Dynamic, my role within the team is even better than I anticipated. I have already worked on a lot of different projects, and my skills and confidence are growing each week.

My first week at Dynamic began with me being introduced to different departments of the company. Not only was this helpful to understand how the business works, but it was also a good way to be introduced to the whole team – although learning everyone’s names in one week was not so easy! Despite struggling with names, everyone in the team was so welcoming and instantly made me feel at ease.

Once the inductions and the training process were complete, I was then able to move on to practical work. My role as a Creative Developer primarily focuses on building e-learning modules, using software called Articulate Storyline. Although I had never come across this software before and it was slightly daunting at first, I feel I understood how to use it relatively quickly and now really enjoy using it.

Within my three months of working here, I have already created five e-learning modules using Storyline 2 – two of which were for ASDA. This I believe to be a big achievement, and I have already noticed a big difference in my technical abilities which will only keep growing.


ASDA Project

Aside from using this software, I have also had the opportunity to touch upon other areas of work. I have edited audio, created vector characters, built an isometric map and I have also done a small amount of motion graphics and video editing. This is much more than I ever expected, and I can only imagine that the list will grow the longer I work at Dynamic.


Vector Characters

The work is not the only part I love about the placement though. The team who I work alongside with are extremely supportive and also very fun to be around. There is always a social event being planned, which is a great way to get to know everyone better. On top of this, the grounds that surround Dynamic are fantastic to walk around on my lunch break and again gives me the opportunity to chat to the other team members and get to know them better.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my three months at Dynamic and I look forward to the rest of my placement experience.

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