Philippa Cassidy & Oliver Martin - Placement Year Blog #4 turn off the lights.

Philippa Cassidy & Oliver Martin - Placement Year Blog #4

As Philippa and Oliver finish their placement years at Dynamic, their final placement blog takes on a question-and-answer format, and summarises their placement year experience.

Question 1

What gets you out of bed in the morning?


There are a lot of exciting things happening at the moment – for instance, my job at Dynamic, and the fact that I’m going to be starting my final year of university next month. It probably sounds very corny, but I know that going to work will instantly put me in a good mood. Every day I end up in fits of laughter. My role at Dynamic is what I’ve been working towards for so many years and I really enjoy what I do. I just love working at Dynamic – I’m very lucky.


And my answer for that one would be: the friendly, enjoyable atmosphere of the office and the unknown of what the day has to offer. Having such a flexible role, I could be developing a module one day and filming during a client visit the next. I’m doing something that I’m passionate about and I don’t find it a task coming in and completing my workload, as I see my job as a way of developing myself for my future career.

Question 2

What is your biggest achievement to date?


I’d say that my biggest achievement is probably securing the full job offer at Dynamic, for when I graduate. Getting a placement is hard and potentially securing a job, having done a placement, is something that I’ve been striving towards ever since I started university. It’s always been my end goal, and I’m just so grateful that I’ve managed to secure this job.

In terms of client work, I’ve been involved in quite a few larger projects, such as the All Stars Cricket project for the England and Wales Cricket Board. I designed the LMS and the characters featured in the modules. Being involved with big clients, such as Macmillan, has been very interesting, and I know that the work I have done on these projects will have a big impact on people’s lives, particularly as the modules are on the topic of cancer and understanding the effects it has on a cancer sufferer’s friends and family.

I’ve been involved with so many things, including successful tender responses – for example, contributing design work for Marylebone Cricket Club and Vodafone; there’s just so many proud moments, and it’s hard to pinpoint one.


I can’t really recall one specific achievement, as I feel a sense of achievement every day, or every time I contribute some work to a successful project. Knowing that someone is learning from content you’ve produced is a satisfying feeling. If I was to name a few projects that I’m particularly proud of, they would include my design contributions towards Aggregate Industries and Heathrow, and my development with Bourne Leisure. It also goes without saying that securing my job at the end of university just tops it off and is the best outcome that I could have wanted, and I can’t wait to finish my final year and start back here full-time.

Question 3

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?


I wouldn’t say there is a typical day at Dynamic – every day is completely different. Some days you can be on film shoots, or you could be developing a module, designing content, editing audio or video; everything is completely different. The project that I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks has been the Marylebone Cricket Club, Laws of Cricket videos. There are 42 of these Laws and these videos explain all of them. Along with a few others, I have been working towards getting all of these videos edited and placed within the modules over the next couple of weeks. There has been a lot of After Effects work involved with it, but it's finally coming together and it all looks really good.


I find this question quite difficult to answer. As I mentioned before, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities that I could fulfil within a day, including unknown aspects. I will always keep in contact with colleagues and the project managers that I’m involved with on a particular project, as I’ve found that communication with your team and colleagues is vital. I also ensure that I meet deadlines, which includes my own personal deadlines as well.

Question 4

What three words would you use to describe your role?


I would say that it is creative, varied and fun.


And I would say creative, accurate and deliver.

Question 5

What do you like most about your job?


I absolutely love my job, but the thing that I like the most is probably the people. There’s always so much laughter in the office, everyone’s really friendly and always there to provide support and help if you need it. The team itself is what makes Dynamic great.


Working with people who are always willing to help and offer support and having a fun and friendly office environment every day.

Question 6

What’s your most memorable facepalm moment?


My most memorable facepalm moment is quite known around the office. One morning, just before work started, I was caught taking a picture of the boss’ car – a brand new sports car – by the boss himself, which is pretty embarrassing.


There have been quite a few facepalm moments at Dynamic! I would say that probably the most memorable one was when I was recording some background noise that was going to go into a video for a module. The video was meant to be a scenario in a café, and I got everyone in the main office to hold cutlery and crockery. I needed them to make any noises which you might expect to hear in a café, like the sound of people eating or drinking. I got everyone prepared, got the recording equipment ready and as I was about to record the audio, I accidentally said, “Are you ready to make some noise?” Many DJ Cassidy jokes followed after that!

Question 7

What is your favourite motto?


Mine is: ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’


I would say that my favourite motto is: ‘Do what makes you happy.’

Question 8

What is on your wish list for your next five years here?


Within the next five years I would like to continue to provide design and development work that will contribute towards a successful project. I would also like to try and bring new skills and research, learnt during my final year of university, to Dynamic. I would like to achieve personal goals and gain more and more responsibility as the years go by.


I think for the next five years I’d like to get more and more involved with any opportunities that I can. Primarily I’d like to grow as a designer and a developer, and work out whether I want to be placed completely in one of those teams, as I am involved with both teams at the moment. I want to gain more skills and do more research that I can bring to future projects.

Question 9

What advice would you give to next year’s placements?


To next year’s placements, I would tell them to take every opportunity that they get: work hard, learn, talk to people, take in everyone’s knowledge and just have fun! Get involved in all the social activities and you’ll have a great time.


I would probably say something quite similar really. Any opportunities that you get given, say yes, regardless of what it is. Even if it's being involved with video or audio for instance. It can seem a bit daunting at the time, but you'll find that it's fun and rewarding. Get involved with social things as well, to get to know your colleagues better. Just immerse yourself in the team as much as possible and enjoy your time at Dynamic.

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