Oliver Martin - Placement Year Blog #2 turn off the lights.

Oliver Martin - Placement Year Blog #2

1 July - 10 November 2016

I am now approaching the four-month mark of my placement in which I have progressed considerably in my role as a Creative Developer. I have been given more responsibility and independence which, at first, seemed daunting, as previously I had been given guidance. However, I have engaged with the work and shown that I can work freely to a brief.

I feel that I have fully settled into my role and become confident enough to make decisions and overcome problems myself before asking for help. I have covered a range of creative areas throughout the development process including designing (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator), video and audio editing (Adobe After Effects and Audition) and the overall development of a module (Articulate Storyline). Over the last couple of months, various large projects have needed ‘all hands on deck’, and it is a privilege to say that I have been part of their development. Being able to assist in different job roles not only tests your abilities in different software but also increases the creative mind-set to be able to adapt to different roles.

I’d like to talk a little about Adobe After Effects. I have worked with After Effects before, during a motion graphics module in my second year of university. Over the last few months I have been intensely involved with - and have been assigned - tasks which are primarily After Effects-orientated. This is a very diverse and effective software that gives you the opportunity to implement your own creative spin to achieve eye-catching material. It is also very good for more subtle but effective tasks such as subtitling, keying and general video and audio editing. There are always new skills that can be learnt in After Effects and I believe I am achieving significant steps of development on a weekly basis.

I have been very keen to broaden my roles and responsibilities, and therefore expressed an interest in the social media side of the company and how I could add to the team. With my university course focusing heavily on new media, I feel that social media is one of my strengths. I have recently taken control of the company’s Instagram account, which will be used to display content that we feel best represents Dynamic as a company and raises awareness. Keeping social media posts regular and accurate is vital to the way the company is portrayed.

In September, I got the opportunity to attend my first film shoot. This was a completely different experience and environment from shoots taking place at the office. As you are visiting a client and their facilities, you have to think quite creatively in terms of the set -up in the space that you are provided with. I thoroughly enjoyed the filming experience as it gave me an insight of what is needed to execute a successful video shoot. Being in different surroundings and getting involved in the more practical side is only increasing my knowledge on a different sector of the company. Hopefully there are more opportunities to assist with client video shoots in the future as this is something I thoroughly enjoyed.

The atmosphere around the office is excellent, as always; even more so with the weekly ‘bake off’ taking place, which involves all staff. After my ‘average’ attempt at a flapjack in week 1, the standard has been incredible with some outstanding bakes. Having the task of judging (eating) them is also a benefit.

In terms of increasing my development as a Creative Developer, I would like to become the lead developer of a module within the next four months. I believe that I have gained sufficient skills and I am at a level where I feel confident and it is within my ability to do this. Even though I have been involved with the content of a couple of modules to date, I am keen to extend my involvement by putting myself forward to be included in a module’s content.

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