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Oliver Martin - Placement Year Blog #3

10 October 2016 – 17 February 2017

Ten months into my placement and I am still challenged with new material and creative obstacles to help me develop into a fully-accomplished creative developer. During the time from my previous blog post, I have engaged in new tasks which have tested my ability to work independently and also within a team to deliver work of the highest quality. In this post, I will elucidate on some of the projects that I have been working on.

Presentation skills

As I have become increasingly comfortable with the design and development process, I am able to challenge myself in areas where I didn’t feel as proficient. I have always been a shy speaker in front of a large audience, in particular, during presentations. Within the last couple of months, I have been able to throw myself in at the deep end, so to speak, to boost my presenting ability. This is something I have recognised within my own development and as a personal goal. As part of my placement timetable over the 12 months, I was scheduled to deliver a presentation in front of my colleagues regarding the work I have recently been involved in. After weeks of deliberating about this presentation, I walked away feeling accomplished, having presented in a professional manner. Weeks later, this set me up nicely for the even more daunting challenge of returning to the University of Leeds to present to the New Media second year students on the topic of project management. Even though this isn’t my subject area, I was asked to give an overview of my placement experience that would offer an insight to these students who are potentially going into a year of industry experience within the forthcoming months.


Me presenting at the University of Leeds.

Big project, big role

Over the last couple of months, I have been utilised for some key design aspects in the Aggregate Industries Pre-Induction module. To keep the content engaging and interactive, this module had a heavy focus on using a range of multimedia. I was involved in video editing, audio editing and designing components to use within the module; all this was done by taking full advantage of the Adobe Creative Suite. This, again, is a demanding task, as the attention to detail needed to be spot on for the overall product to meet the specification and the client’s needs. For such a well-established organisation, it was a real achievement for me to have such a strong design role within this project.


Aggregate Pre-Induction Fact Cards.

Social media

As I have mentioned previously, Dynamic has invested a lot of time in social media to showcase events and work, and to give people a sense of the creative environment in which we work. I have been heavily involved in the social media team and have accomplished some personal goals that I strived to achieve. Taking on board recent trends, we participated in a business ‘Mannequin Challenge’, which achieved the most activity throughout our social media history, having reached around 16,800 people on Facebook.

> Making mannequin challenge was great fun!

Blog involvement

Running alongside social media is the Dynamic Blog which gives the opportunity for staff to write or share a post regarding a specialist subject matter. In the last couple of months, my work has appeared in the blog. I was given creative freedom to design an infographic for the blog - Using scenarios in elearning. Working alongside a project manager who provided the script, I was able to put my own twist on the blog. For me, as a creative developer (also designer), it is a really pleasing moment to see a piece of work go live for an audience to see.

>Using scenarios in elearning blog post

It’s always nice for a picture you have taken to be recognised; therefore, when my picture from a recent trip to the French Alps was chosen as ‘Pic of the week’, this was a personal achievement.


My pic of the week taken on the French Alps.

Now that the end of my placement is in sight, I aim to continue and maintain my development and continue to show enthusiasm and willingness in all my projects. One thing I’d like to do before I end my placement is put myself forward to be filmed in a module. I will let you know how that goes in my final blog.

Full-time role

In light of demonstrating the development and understanding of the creative developer position, I was delighted to have been offered a full-time role with Dynamic after I graduate in the summer of 2018. I’ve include a quote from my manager and Dynamic Project Manager, Dan Blades.

“We were delighted to be able to offer Oliver a permanent role on his graduation from university and even more so when he accepted. Oliver has proven himself a very talented creative developer with much to offer Dynamic and our clients. His strong work ethic and willingness to continually develop his skills and experience during his placement made it a very easy decision for us to offer Oliver a full-time role. We look forward to Oliver joining us full time in 2018 and thank him for being an excellent student placement.”

Dan Blades, Dynamic, People and Project Manager.

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