Philippa Cassidy - Placement Year Blog #1 turn off the lights.

Philippa Cassidy - Placement Year Blog #1

My name is Philippa Cassidy and I’m currently on my placement year at Dynamic. I’m a Creative Media Technology student at Leeds Beckett University and have just finished my second year. My Undergraduate course offers a variety of digital media content, including modules such as Graphic Design, Web Authoring, Advanced 3D Animation and Video Post Production, as well as Group Project and The Creative Media Industries.

I first came into contact with Dynamic when a few members of the team delivered a lecture explaining what their eLearning company had to offer. The projects they had worked on were very inspiring and the lecture offered a great insight into how engaging their eLearning content is. I tweeted Dynamic about how much I enjoyed their lecture and also sent them an email. They then invited me to visit the office and meet some of the team.

During my visit, I showed them my portfolio and they showed me around the office, and I was encouraged to apply for one of their 12-month placements as a Creative Developer. After completing the different stages of the application process, I was thrilled to discover I had been offered one of their two placement positions.

Since beginning my Undergraduate degree at Leeds Beckett, my main goal, aside from doing well in my studies, was to gain an industry placement between the second and third year of my degree. I feel that a placement year puts you in the best position for when you graduate, as you have obtained knowledge on how the industry works, and it teaches you many skills that can be applied in the final year of your degree.

My first few weeks at Dynamic have been very insightful and I have now settled in as a Creative Developer. The placement began with inductions and introductions with the different departments in Dynamic, informing me of how the business works and providing information I need to be aware of such as company policies and procedures.

After finishing the initial introductions, I then began work in my Creative Developer role. I started the second week by testing some of the modules that were about to go live, ensuring that everything worked as it should do and suggesting any last minute improvements that could be made. The feedback received from this task was very positive and the notes I made have been very useful. Having completed this testing, I was then asked to create samples in Storyline of some of the eLearning modules that Dynamic has created, to send out to potential clients.

The design team then invited me to get involved in creating some of the content for a new module. The assets required were different isometric characters represented in different positions as well as the environment they were situated in. I created the assets using Illustrator as Vector Graphics and brought them over into Photoshop as Smart Objects to build up the different scenes. I loved spending the week designing these assets and the feedback I have received about the designs has been very positive, from both the client and other members of the Dynamic team. It’s exciting to know that the graphics I have designed will be featured in this eLearning module.

I’ve also been asked to edit GoPro footage of the Dynamic team at work using After Effects. This will feature as a clip on Dynamic’s social media feeds and will provide a small insight into how the team develop assets for their eLearning modules.
Dynamic is situated in the beautiful Harewood House Estate, and I really enjoy the walks around the grounds during my lunch break. They are a great opportunity for me to be able to get to know the different members of staff in the team who come on the walks, all of which have been so welcoming and willing to help if I need assistance. I have also been invited to get involved in the socials this month outside of work, additionally welcoming me into the team.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks at Dynamic, and look forward to getting involved in all aspects of being part of the team for the rest of my placement year.

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