Placement Blog #1 - Jakub Maziarski turn off the lights.

Placement Blog #1 - Jakub Maziarski

My name is Jakub and I’m currently on my placement year at Dynamic. I’m studying Creative Media Technology at Leeds Beckett University. I highly recommend the course as it teaches all aspects of creative media and offers a broad range of modules such as web authoring, graphic design, video post-production and many more.

When applying for university I was made aware of the sandwich course scheme and saw this as a great opportunity to gain industry experience and lifelong skills. I knew this would give me an advantage when applying for post graduate jobs. I began searching for placements/internships quite early as I was determined to use this opportunity. I wanted to find something similar to my course – a role that would let me continue exploring different types of media and help me grow as a designer. However, most places were advertising placements that only worked in one field of media, for example graphic design.

The first time I met Dynamic was through a university lecture supporting one of our first-year modules. The team presented us with useful information to help us work through our assignment and finished with an insight into the company. After seeing the variation of work, I wanted to find out more about the company and how I could get involved. I discussed the possibilities with my tutor as he had worked with Dynamic in previous years.

One year on, my tutor emailed me a job description for a Creative Developer position at Dynamic and shortly after he helped me with the application process. Dynamic was my first and only placement application – I was nervous to say the least.

After attending two interviews, I left feeling like I’d shown my passion for design and had a good feeling about the whole process. I was thrilled to receive an offer from Dynamic and to this day that phone call is one of the best feelings I’ve had. I was so excited and ready to go from the moment I put the phone down.

I began my role by meeting everyone at Dynamic which really helped ease me into the team. Everyone was welcoming and understood the position I was in, with so many going through the placement scheme themselves. Within the first week I got my head round the company’s procedures and most importantly Storyline, the most used authoring tool in the business. I had never come across this software at university but with everyone’s support I was able to pick up the key skills to begin client work very quickly.

I have worked on a huge range of clients such as HCA and NHS Improvement. The variation of topics really keeps me on my toes allowing me to be creative and further my Storyline skills.



HCA was the first client work I received. I was asked to convert old Storyline modules into brand new modules, upgrading the interactions and interface to the new HCA standards. This helped me understand the ins and outs of Storyline and made me feel comfortable using the software and the company’s quality assurance system.


NHS Improvement

I was given the opportunity to work from a script and create a module from scratch, designing my own interactions while keeping to the NHS brand guidelines. I really enjoyed the whole process from the one-to-one meetings with the project manager to the final testing. This really boosted my confidence and let me explore more possibilities with the animation aspect of Storyline, helping me produce more eye-catching material.

My goal for the rest of the placement is to continue producing high standard elearning modules and also get more involved with the design team – potentially branching out into filming, editing or photography. I feel that would be very useful for my personal development.

Outside of work there are plenty of social activities we all get involved in like the Leeds Rhinos rugby games. It’s a great way of getting to know each other and build friendships with my colleagues. I’ve never played rugby but I’m slowly learning the rules! Dynamic’s offices are situated right next to Harewood House giving us access to some amazing lunchtime walks, again giving me the opportunity to get to know my co-workers.

Overall, I am very happy with my first months at Dynamic – the time has flown by and can’t wait to continue my role as a Creative Developer!

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